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6 Signs A Girl Wants You To Ask Her Out

A girl that has feelings for you will hardly tell you that she wants to be in a relationship with you. She might be a shy girl or lack the confidence to tell you that she loves you. When a girl wants you to ask her out, she will start acting differently towards you.

These are the 6 signs a girl wants you to ask her out.

1. The girl smiles right from the heart: She will be genuinely happy whenever she sees you or meets you. You will notice a flash of excitement in her smile which can be attributed to her love towards you. You will also observe that twinkle in her eye when she noticed that you are coming towards her, or sitting beside her.

2. When she is Intensely sensitive towards you: You matters a lot to her, and she chooses her words very carefully not to hurt your feelings. She will do some thoughtful things for you, and care about your well-being. The girl might even go out of her way just to make you happy.

3. She recommends romantic venues: The girl will randomly suggest places to hang out with your friends. She will ask you if you have been there or talk about these places. She is indirectly telling you that she wants to visit these places with you.

4. When she initiates physical contact: She will begin to sit right beside you, and always initiate physical contact with you. When a girl is into you, her body language will be much more approachable. She will start feeling comfortable with you, this is a hint that she wants you to ask her out.

5. Furthermore, she Informs you about her schedule: Girls who are trying to avoid dates always say that they are too busy. If a girl loves you, she will let you know of her schedule so that it will be easier for you to plan out a date, or an outing.

6. When she doesn’t mention other guys in front of you: The girl will always flaunt her singleness in the hope that maybe you will be the one to put an end to it. You will never hear her mentioning other guys in front of you. She might even tell you that she hasn’t been on a date in ages. It shows that she wants you to ask her out.

Once a girl starts giving you these signs, she is so much interested in you and wants you to ask her out. Well, if you have a crush on a girl, and she starts displaying these signs mentioned above, you can approach her, and express your feelings for her. She will never say "No" to you because she has been waiting for you to do so.

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