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6 Character Traits You May Look for in A Man

When you are ready to settle down in marriage, it will be good that you do that with a man who will treat you well in marriage. A man who will love to be with you and make you feel like a queen. Even though bad or good persons are not written on faces, you can know who is who by their characters.

Characters are like smoke, you cannot cover it, it will surely come out. So when you want a man for marriage, don't be carried away by the words of his mouth, pay attention to his character.

Below are 6 Character Traits You May Look for in A Man

1. Have love/fear for God. Look for a man who has the fear of God in him. When a man fears the Lord, he will not want to go against God's will on marriage. Please try to understand me, I didn't say a man who goes to a place of worship, but a man whose desire is to please God. He will not want to divorce you, Malachi 2:16. he will love you, he will provide for his family and you will not regret marrying him. 1Timothy 5:8 says, Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.So you can be rest assured that he will not have and refuse to give to the need of the family because he fears the Lord in him.

2. He is not afraid of commitment. Test the commitment level of the man before marriage. A man should be able to show some level of commitment financially, be committed with his time, at least he should be able to make out time to visit and communicate with you. If a man is ready for these then you can consider him for marriage.

3. Accept his errors. If a man can accept his flaws whenever he wrongs you and even went to the point of apologizing, he has a good quality. Such quality will help you in marriage. A man who is not being bossy, who is not making excuses to cover up his errors will likely take full responsibility for his actions in marriage.

4. Respects his parents. Look for a man who gives his mother respect. If he doesn't respect his parents, he may not respect yours or even you. So it may be better for you to look for the one that honors his parents. The Bible says in Exodus 20:12, Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

5. Can control his desire. Men are moved by what they see, but a man who can control his feelings may be a better option for a woman who wants to go into marriage. He will not be easily moved by other women and you may be able to have him all to yourself.

6. Knows what leadership is all about. Leadership is the readiness to serve other people. When you, therefore, see a man who didn't see "man is the head of the family" to mean the need for his wife to serve him but he sees it as the need to serve, to love, to care, and to provide for his family. It will be good if you choose to settle down with him.

There are many characters a man should have, but having these ones I have listed above will help in taking care of others.

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