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3 Things You Should Not Allow Girls To Do To You

Love is a beautiful thing. Finding the right person to love is even better. Those who have experienced it would believe me. But those who have not, wouldn't. Truth is, you cannot blame them. Love can be really cruel sometimes. Especially when you do your best, invest a lot of time, resources and sacrifices just to please someone but it all goes to waste. I guess some things just aren't meant to be.

Having a girl who recognises and appreciates all your efforts isn't only healthy for your relationship, but also for your mental state of mind. I know how hard it can be sometimes to accept the obvious. But then, you have to. Having the believe that you can always make a girl love you by spending and making all sort of efforts, would only bring you fake love. And that if you are lucky. Other times, it will put you in a more difficult situation and make people take you for granted. So when going after a girl here are 3 things you shouldn't sweep under the carpet.

1. Take you for granted

Never allow any girl take you for granted. Be reasonable and calm, but that doesn't mean you should allow any form of disrespect slide away. Do well to disassociate yourself from any form of disrespectful. Respect is reciprocal. When you respect someone, it's only normal that they respect you as well. And if for for some reason, they feel you don't deserve it, then let them be.

2. Make you an option

You have reason to be with someone who doesn't think you are good enough for her. Holding on to girls like that would only result to heartbreak. The problem with these kind of heartbreaks is that it will only be felt by you. Don't allow anyone make you an option because, no matter how broke or little you are, you are somebody's choice. Don't be afraid to draw the curtain when you are being mistreated.

3. Don't allow girls use you

No matter how much you love a girl, never let your guard down. Never let yourself be used to satisfy anyone's selfish interest or desire. Be smart and observant because, you can never really tell what's in the mind of another person. Just like they can't tell what's in yours. You alone knows your mind. As humans we can only trust people. Trusting isn't a bad thing, but trusting the wrong person can be catastrophic.

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