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If You Want To Be Successful, Do Not Tell Anybody These Two Things [OPINION]

If you want to be successful, don't tell anybody these two things:

1. Telling people About your progress: telling people about your progress is like pulling yourself down. In this world; is very hard to find people who want your progress.

Nobody want your progress, even your family can not be trusted. Remember the story of Joseph, the son of Jacob in the Bible; he had a dream to becomes king and famous.

He didn't keep it to himself, so he went ahead and told his brothers about the dream. Immediately they heard king! Jealousness started. For Joseph presence, they were laughing and happy for him to be king but they didn't mean it, as they were worried and disturbed in their hearts. We all knows the end of Joseph story, they plan to kill him all because he told them his dream.

If you can not give your family hundred percent trust, who else will you give ten percentage??? No one, even your wife can not be trusted. Take "note",... Be very careful with what you tell people about yourself.

Most especially your friends, don't tell them your progress, let them see it, when it happen. They is a saying that I will never forget; your best friend is your worst enemy. How can you table your progress before your enemy, and think everything will be alright?... Take this word to your heart.

2. Telling people your bad attitudes: never try this one at all. Telling people about your bad attitudes will not solve anything, they can only ridicule, and announcing your problems to the whole world.

Everybody get problems, they get their own problems or attitudes, but they won't tell you. Never tell anybody about your problems, the only person I will advice you to lay your problems, is God.

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