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7 Tips To Help You Know Whether You are in Love or You are Just Having A Crush on Him or Her

It may be difficult for you to differentiate between having a crush or love for somebody because the two have similar feelings. But there are slight differences between the two. Not knowing which of the two you are having for a person can make you settle for someone you shouldn't have settled with. You may later regret your decision because your feelings for him/her may not last.

So, how do you know whether what you have for a man/woman is love or just a crush? Look out for the following, if the list below is true about what you feel, do, and say about the person, then what you have is love and you should take a step further to achieve it.1. Your feelings grow stronger each day. Having a crush on a lady or a guy may not last long. In most cases, once the person you are having a crush on travels or moves away so that you don't see him or her anymore, your feelings for him/her will die a natural death. Unlike true love, you will find yourself thinking over about him/her. You will be making efforts to see him/her back. You will be feeling like a part of you is missing and you may not stop until you see him/her again. The feelings last longer than when you are just having a crush on someone.

2. You feel free to talk around the person. When you are in love, you may find yourself saying more than what you suppose to say when you are with him/her. Those things you call secret may no longer be a secret when he/she is with you.

3. You talk more of the future together. The way you think about him/her and what you say about and with each other will be futuristic. It will be involving the two of you.

4. S_x is not your focus. When you have a crush on a lady or a guy. You may be thinking more of sleeping with him/her. You think how she will look on your bed, etc. But when you are in love, this will not be your priority. You just feel happy knowing that this person will be yours.

5. You no longer have an interest in dating others. When it is a crush, you may have the same feelings or even stronger feelings for other ladies. But when it is love, your feelings for another lady will die a natural death. Maybe because you believe you have found the right person. It is not forced, it just happens. You will have not much interest in other ladies.

6. You want to introduce him/her to your people. You will want people to know that you have a friend. You will tell your parents. When you are talking to other people or relatives, you will like using him/her as an example.

7. You feel like being together all the time. Finally, on my list, the feeling to be together will be bigger than any other thing. You will like to visit him/her and when you do, you will not want to go anymore.

When you notice all these in you, then you should know that what you feel for him/her is love, and taking a step further to have him/her all to yourself won't be a bad idea since all your beings now crave for him/her.

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