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When a girl is secretly in love with you, She will show these signs

As a man, can you boldly say that the lady you love loves you back? Read through this article to know the signs a girl shows when she is secretly in love with you. Most occasions, most women think that it is extremely hard to handle their feelings for a man they love. Most women think that it is hard to admit her affection for you on the grounds that in Africa, professing her affection to you straightforwardly is exploitative. 

I have actually asked a few women to know the reason why it is hard for a woman to admit her affection to a man. During my own research, the appropriate response I got was that women feel that when she admits her affection to a man, he may underestimate her. A few women pretend just because they don't want the guy to take them for granted.

What are the signs a girl shows when she is infatuated with a man? 

1. She is constantly thinking about him

2. She will create time just to be with the guy they love

3. She will love making eye contact with you.

4. Her overall behavior will change when she is with him. 

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