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8 Ways To Win A Playboy's Love

Have you fallen deeply in love with a playboy? Below are some strategies you should apply, to win his love.

1. Play Hard To Get.

The first step is playing hard to get, which will stress him in the process of getting you/your attention. A playboy don't give up on a woman he is after, but also values the ones that gives him difficult time to get. 

Once a playboy gets your attention easily, or get you to fall in love with him so easily, then he won't value you, and he will find it easy to dump you at any time. 

Playing hard to get, and giving him hard work to get your attention, will make it difficult for him to dump you off easily, and he would want to know more about you, and why you gave him tough moments. 

Playboys don't believe that girls are tough to get, so anyone that becomes tough, he values that lady so much. 

2. Be Unique.

Be different from other girls he has flirted with. When you are different from other ladies, he finds it very difficult to dump you easily, and when he keeps you around, gradually you will fall in love with you because you are unique/different from other ladies.  

3. Be Interesting/Fun.

Every man enjoys a fun filled lady, so do your best to be fun filled and interesting to be with, and this act will trigger his love for you more. 

4. Act Like You Aren't Jealous:

Acting jealous will make him know you have fallen in love with him, and will want to take that advantage to play with your heart the more. But when you get like you are not jealous, you get him worried if he has won your heart or not, so act like you are not jealous, and he will get connected to you more. 

5. Be Independent.

Most playboys believe every lady is after their money, and when you become dependent on him, then you are certainly not different from other ladies. 

But when you are independent, and okay with yourself, he sees you to be unique, and will want to spend more time with you because you are different from the regular girls. 

6. Bring Out The Best In Him.

Change him, and make him better by bringing out the best in him. No man will want to leave the woman that have changed him, so make sure to see something good about him, and do your possible best to change him. 

7. Date Around/Make Him Jealous.

Flex around with other guys and make him feel very jealous. This aspect is another best way to capture his heart. Make him feel jealous with the men you hang out with, and I bet you, you will turn out to be the play girl that will play his heart. 

8. Don't Talk About The Other Girls He is dating:

Talking about other girls he has dated, or he is dating, will make him think you are jealous and have fallen for him. So avoid every talk about the surrounding girls, and make him feel you don't care, this will make him remain with you, thinking he has not gotten you yet. 

Apply the above strategies and win that Playboy's heart. 

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