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"I Want My Marriage To Last Like This" - See What People Are Saying About This Couple On Instagram

The couple have been together for 53 years and still counting. In the photos it show the couple are still so much in love. The photos have really been trending on Instagram as people took their time to wish them all. The truth is that, having someone that will stay up with someone till Old age in this century is hard. Is either, there is a break up, divorce or they depart for not having money. But this Couple own is different. I know we have some old couple that are even longer than that but the most interesting part is that most of the people that reacted to the photos are youth, lol, some of the youth nowadays know they can't last till that. That's why they keep reacting to the couples photos by saying They want that type of love, one lady even type She want that type of Love many times.. Most young couples in town are not patience again, they will marry early and get out of the marriage. 

See The Couples Photos 

See People Reaction (if you observe very well, you will ladies reacted to the photos mostly).

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