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5 Signs A Lady Has Feelings For You.

Most men don't know when a lady has feelings for them, even after she has given them some signs and body language, but they won't understand, so I will be telling you a few things. You will notice in a lady that will let you know that she has feelings for you.

1. She cares about you on a physical and emotional level. 

Once a lady starts caring about you both emotionally and physically that lady has feelings for you, you will notice that she will always try to support you and provide things for you even when people you trust hesitate to do it, she will always be there to help you out, once a lady who is your friend always stand by you in difficult time and also help you out with the little she has that means she loves you and once you go ahead to ask her out you will get a Yes has a response. 

2. To find out if you're in a committed relationship. 

You once started to notice that a lady started checking if you were into any serious relationship, that means she has feelings for you and wants to become your woman. No woman will just start checking on you just to know if you have a woman in your life when she's not interested in you. If she can't ask you, she will start spending time with you, so she can notice if you truly have a woman, such a woman has affection for you. 

3. You saw her fixated on you all the time. 

Once you see a woman who is fixated on you, that means she has feelings for you, once you always notice a lady looking at you and even though the both of your eyes meet she will still find it difficult to get her eyes off you that means she is attached to you, walk up to her to tell her hoe you feel about her if you also love her. 

4. She's totally focused on you. 

Once a lady loves you, she will try all her best to make you feel happy and special, she will devote all her time and energy on you no matter how busy she is, even when she's busy, and you called or text her you will notice that she will return your messages and calls to you, just to make you feel happy such lady loves you don't fail to shoot your shot.

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