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How to know when someone loves you

Love is a baeutiful thing, but it's no longer a new thing that people misuse love for what it's not supposed to be used for. You understand the feeling of loneliness, you are always alone, no one to talk to, no one to share your burdens with, no one to love and be loved by you. If you are passing through this then you are in the right article. It is possible that someone out there really cares about you, but how can you know this except you are being told. You could actually be loved but the courage to walk up to you by your lover may not be there. I'm sure you know what am talking about because you may also be in this category of people that can not tell some one about your feelings for them. But you want some one to do the same for you. Well love is a baeutiful thing when you are with the right person. I will be showing you how to sense when you are being loved by some one.

With the following ways you can tell if a person loves you.

1. Constant eye contact. If you notice that someone is always looking at you every time, that person loves you. Come to think of it why should someone be looking at you always, is there no other place to look. The reason is that he or she has you deep down the heart. That is the reason he's looking at you you. The person could actually be calculating the right time to make an approach.

2. Unnecessary care. Believe me that when someone cares so much for you even when you know you don't really deserve it that person loves you. Atimes there is no way to express love except in action. Action speaks louder than voice right?. So your lover has just expressed his or her love for you, but you could not notice that.

3. Gifts. Have you been surprised by a gift before?. How did you feel about it?, That was cool right?. That's exactly what am talking about. Someone that doesn't mean well for you can never go the extra mile of giving you a gift. Gifts are gate ways to the heart. Gifts opens up the heart. You will believe with me that when a person gives you gift, if he or she should make a request from you, it's usually difficult to say no.

There are many other ways to know when you are being loved. Buy take these ones for now.

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