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10 Things You Should Never Do in a Restaurant on a Date

When going out on a dinner, or lunch date at a restaurant, it is important to know some basic table etiquettes. Not only would this save you from embarrassing situations, it will boost your confidence level. 

Let's quickly highlight 10 things you shouldn't do in a restaurant on a date.

1. Do not place your bag on the table

It is considered inappropriate to place your bag on the table. Instead, you should place your bag on your chair behind you; at the base of your back. You can also put it in an empty chair at the table, or on your lap.

2. Do not keep your elbow on the table

Avoid resting your elbow on the table no matter how tired you may be. Simply ask politely for it to be passed to you by your date.

3. Do not start eating until your date gets his or her food too

During the meal, pace yourself so you finish at about same time as your date.

4. Do not shout the term 'waiter' at every chance you get 

While trying to get the waiter's attention, avoid calling them out. Instead, try to achieve eye contact with the waiter, and signal him or her to come over to your table.

5. Do not order a dish you're likely to spill, splash, or drop; for example spaghetti

6. Keep your phone out of sight or on silent mode

Try to keep your attention on your date and not your food.

7. Do not try to impress the waiter, or your date by ordering for food you do not know

Always ask for their opinion if you're not sure of the meal, in order to avoid embarrassing yourself.

8. Don't forget to use the serviette

Best is to place it on your lap whenever your order comes in.

9. Do not eat too much onion or garlic

Eating too much onion or garlic could give you bad breath for the rest of the night. This could also make your date uncomfortable while you're speaking to him/her.

10. Do not place your knife and fork in the wrong hand

Bonus Point: Do not eat with your mouth full of food. Also, do not talk with your mouth full; chew, swallow, then continue the conversation.

Content created and supplied by: Sourcekid01 (via Opera News )


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