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How To Know If She Is A Witch.

Good Day everyone!

Is your boy again, CRYSTPRNCE.

Today, am going to teach you how to recognise a witch. If she possess most of the signs that I will be writing below, I advise you run for your dear life.

Most of problems in our lives, we cause most of them to ourselves.

When we are generating this problems, there are signs for us to know where such problems are coming from but we are too stupid to ignore them.

I took my time to research about witches, just to help young boys of nowadays who approaches any lady they see without proper research about her.

In the olden days in Africa, before you get married to a lady, your parents have to do proper investigations about the lady and her family. But now, we believed that there is no need for that because of love.

Today am going to teach you how to Recognise witches.

If you are in a relationship already, if she has most of these signs that I will be posting below, my dear, run for your life.

Signs To Recognise Witches

1. How does she look at you When she angry?

If She normally look at you in a strange way (especially straight in the eyes) when she is upset, she is likely a witch. If you will pay a close attention, witches always look at you in a strange way when they are piss off.

2. Anger

Women are not good at controlling anger but some range is something else.

If she is the type that is quick to anger, don't just think she is hot tempered. Witches are known to be quick to anger.

If she is quick to attack people, get angry unnecessary or get upset at little things. She is a witch. Such sign is a warning sign that she is a witch.

3. What Happed When You Quarrel Or Fight Her?

If she is the type that, whenever you quarrel or have little misunderstanding with her, things always change to negative, being it money management, bad luck or boss quarreling you at work. If this happens within he period you crashed with her, believe me, she is a witch. Most people are blind enough not to see this little signs. All in the name of Love. My dear, don't exchange your cow for a fowl. Don't exchange your billionaire future for a few minutes sex. Be wise my brother.

4. How are things working for you after the 7 days you meant her?

There are some lady, whenever they comes into a man's life, that man most experienced bad luck or backwardness. But most men seems not to pay attention to such signs. Even if someone try to inform them, they will term it 'superstition believe'.

If you have a lady in your life and it happened that things started working bad after you meant her, she likely to be a witch.

5. Does She Keep Animals As Pet?

Most witches keeps animals as pet. After she signed her soul to the devil, the devil might asign a spirit familiar to attend to her. Such pet might be animals or even insects like spider.

Mostly witches Keep cats as pet (am not saying that anyone who keep cat as pet is a witch oh).

It is not only black cat that is suspicious as most people may say.

6. Does She has a Wart?

Spirit familiar most nurses on her body, she most has a wart concealed in any part of her body. Look closely, it can between her fingers, between her toes, her back, on her head etc. It can be especially in the intimate areas like breast, or her sex organ where the mark can't be easily find. Such warts are usually small. To easily notice.

7. If She Irritating.

If she is the type of person that comes around when she is no needed, she is likely a witch.

Pure women see know to have a tender heart. But if she is the type that is not scared of irritating things, or like seeing or doing irritating things, she can be considered a witch. Such ladies can publicly beg for food from strangers( this is exceptional when she is pregnant).

8. If She Threatened You And It came To pass.

There are some lady that once you offend her and she pronounced a word against you, it most come to past. Believe me, such lady is either possessed or a witch. It is not a coincidence it happens.

Recall when she came to borrow something from you, like and you sent her away. She was going and muttering under her breath, saying you will regret it. Few days later you where out of money. You think it's a coincident? often Does She Go To Church?

If she is the type that don't like going to church, or don't go to church frequently, she likely to be a witch.

All witches don't like prayers as it make them uncomfortable. The witches keep their witch somewhere before entering the church. They can keep it at home, on a tree on their way to the church or even at the entrance of the church.

10. Witches Talks to Themselves

If she if the type that normally talks to herself, she is likely a witch. Witches are known to be good at talking to themselves.

Dear Heavenly Father, bless Whoever share this post to save others. AMEN.


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You are free from witches In the Name of God Almighty. AMEN

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