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How to know you are dating a "ghost"

What is ghosting in relationship? Most of us are too familiar with the spookiest phenomenon to hit the modern dating scene "the ghost " .The ghost is the the date who seems warm, solid, reassuring and entirely human, only to disappear to another dimension ,sometimes after the first date.

What is considered ghosting? Ghosting is basically rejection, only without the formality. It is when someone stops answering your text or calls without explanation. This often happens out of nowhere. It can leave you feeling confused, hurt and paranoid.

One word texts ."If you start getting one-word text without any questions, you maybe headed for a ghosting" says Jessica Graham, relationship expert

He goes silent when you mention Future ."see if he goes silent and does not respond" says kemi sogunle a relationship expert and author. If it happens then prepare yourself for a vanishing act.

He keeps secrets. "if you have never met friends and loved ones of the person you have been dating for a while, they are not committed and could potentially ghost " explains Hall. If he never mention telling his friends or family about you, that's pretty big sign.

Its all about s**. "Maybe you had a great date in the beginning but now all you do is have s**" says sogunle .He only contacts you when he is interested in s** and want you to come over immediately.

You have a weird feelings about them. If you have a sinking feeling, recommends Paul. "Based on new research coming out, there is evidence that we really should get back to basics and literally trust our gut. If you start noticing that your feelings sluggish, not able to get yourself up and ready for the date but you can't put your finger on why, it might be your body telling you something"

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