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6 Signs That Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend Doesn't Respect You

When it comes to love, it is easy to get blinded by romance and physical attraction. This prevents us from seeing the cracks in the relationship. Things like the serious faults of our partner go unnoticed. Even when you notice them, you either tolerate them or find them attractive. 

It's a good thing to remember that beneath a serious flaw is a serious problem. This article will help you identify six signs of disrespect so you can address them. If your lover doesn’t acknowledge the issues and make adjustments, then it's time to break up. 

1.Your feelings don’t mean much to them. For a start, let me say that this one can be tricky. Some ladies can be very dependent on their partner - the same thing goes for guys. That continuous dependence can be tiring. You need some breathing space to deal with your problems. 

But if you’re not the type of person described above, you deserve all the support you can get. Your feelings should always matter to the ones who have high regard for you. If it doesn’t that means they don’t respect you. 

2.They give you the silent treatment. Responding with days of silence after a disagreement is not the best way to handle it. If your girl or guy doesn’t talk to you for days after a quarrel, they do not respect you. It also shows a level of immaturity. They don’t know how to talk about and resolve problems. 

Anyone who gives you the silent treatment belongs to the streets. Yes, dump them before things get even worse. You are worth so much more and there is no need to have to put up with that kind of treatment. 

3.They ignore your boundaries. Everyone should have boundaries. Your property, your quiet space or moment, and your personal issues are private. No one should force or shame you into giving them up. Although you may decide to make them available to a loved one after you’ve known them for a while. But that should be voluntary. 

Loving someone doesn’t mean you should give up the things that matter to you. Let your lover understand this. If they can’t deal with it, it’s time to break up. 

4.They always interrupt you. Excited conversations might be the exception here. When people get excited, they want to talk at the same time, sometimes. But for others, this happens all the time. 

Can you imagine talking to a stranger whom you deeply respect and interrupting him or her? I doubt it. They say familiarity breeds contempt. If your lover is in the habit of interrupting you, they don’t respect you. You’ll be better off with them in your list of exes. 

5.They purposely hurt your feelings. We all make mistakes and offend the people we love. But if your girlfriend or boyfriend intentionally hurts your feelings, it’s time to move on. 

There’s a lot of disrespect that comes with deliberately making you feel bad. This goes beyond wanting to prank you as a joke. It also goes beyond making you laugh. Never try to make excuses for someone who does this to you. This should be a deal-breaker. 

6.They tell you a lot of lies. We tell lies to people we are afraid to displease. Sometimes it is because we want something from them. We fear that telling them the truth would ruin the opportunity to get what we want. Still, that doesn't justify lying. Constant lies are a sign that your partner thinks little of you. It shows disrespect. I don’t lie to people I respect.

If you always catch that boyfriend or girlfriend of yours telling a lie, that’s a sign that they are not good enough for you. For the sake of your peace and happiness, dump them. Don’t worry, the best romantic relationship of your life is just around the corner. 

Content created and supplied by: ObiTheWriter (via Opera News )


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