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2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fall in Love with Your Bestfriend

Have you ever heard the phrase, “I fell in love with my bestfriend?” this seems to be the new trend now, with a lot of people going on social media to flaunt their loving relationship with their bestfriend, in order to taunt others who chose not to engage in anything with their bestfriends other than pure friendship. It seems a lot of people in this generation are missing the whole point of friendship with opposite gender, they seem to have forgotten what friendship is meant to be all about, they are allowing emotions to cloud their thinking, and this explains why whenever their loving relationship with their bestfriend crashes, they end up losing that friendship.

I understand that many men have never had the time to think about this, they just go with the flow, the friendship that’s meant to be pure bliss without any feelings attached, they end up spoiling it with their uncontrolled emotions and urges. This exactly is the reason why I’ve written this article, to help you save your friendship, by enlightening you on the reasons why you shouldn’t fall in love with your bestfriend.

In this article, I will be showing you two reasons why you shouldn’t fall in love with your bestfriend

1.      You know yourself too much

This is the first reason why you shouldn’t fall in love with your bestfriend, you already know each other too much, there would be no mystery in the relationship, no surprises, which inherently means that there would be no fun in the relationship. You won’t have any new thing to do together, to spice things up in the relationship, since you’ve already done practically everything together when you were friends. So, when it comes to falling in love or getting into a relationship, it’s better to be with someone you haven’t been spending almost all your life with, maybe someone that has different interests with you, so that you can have things that you can teach other and explore together.

2.      There would be power tussle

There’s a common saying that, “two masters cannot paddle a boat”, this exactly is the scenario you would have if you fall in love with your bestfriend, you both were independent individuals in the friendship, but now that you’re entering a relationship, one has to submit to the other, for there to be peaceful coexistence among the two of you. And when you’re with your bestfriend, it would be very for either of you to submit to the other, which explains why there would be frequent power tussles in the relationship, which might eventually end the relationship.

These are the reasons why you shouldn’t fall in love with your bestfriend.

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