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6 Weird Things That Will Always Happen At Nigerian Weddings

The occasions of this year have positioned wedding events to a complete (study: temporary, due to the fact what's going to we do with the relaxation of our lives) forestall. I’ve been thinking about what happens at those turn-u.S.A.And I’ve realised that some things have become a subculture and odds are that they'll in no way stop.

1. Not anything will start on time

Properly, starting things on time remains a peculiar concept to us. I get why humans could come overdue to the church provider, however what about the reception? This won’t prevent going on, though, and we can be all the time proud of it.

2. Strictly through invitation will simplest appear in principle

Accept as true with your guests to convey a plus-one or extra. The invitation card you despatched to them is meant to confess handiest one character, however who cares approximately that? The extra, the merrier, right? And we surprise why meals is by no means enough.

3. The Wannabe Photographers will usually display themselves

Positive, telephone cameras make the entirety less difficult and i get the urge to use them at every threat. However, to your exhilaration to take some photos you may delete in a few months, you’re making the lives of the real photographers paid to do the process greater difficult. But hey, that is Nigeria. All and sundry is a expert of types.

Four. The “high table” will always be massive deal

I promise I’m not a hater. However why does the MC ask the visitors to clap for the folks that “make” it to the high desk? Why is that this sort of big accomplishment? What’s the reasoning behind it?

5. The battle to “outspray” each other gained’t exit of favor

Whilst this part of the marriage birthday celebration is very glamorous, i'm wondering if the human beings that tend to do too much wake up the next day with clarity and a banging headache, thinking about the hole they’ve drilled in their accounts. Is money hangover a issue?

6. MCs. Uhm, MCs.

I don’t know if it’s the weddings I’ve been to (I haven’t been to loads, to be sincere.) however MCs are, well… lots. On 2d idea, I’ve decided no longer to the touch this. However, you could read extra approximately MCs and their antics here

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