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Historical Things People Did For Love

#1 Replace dead wife with clone

When Roman emperor Nero mudered his wife, poppaea in a fit of rage, his grief lead to killing her son, all his close employees and even castrating a slave named sporus cause he supposedly resembled poppaea and married him.

#2 imprisoning lovers in ice castle

Russian empress anna ivanona was so distressed by the death of her husband that she wanted to punish lovers door being so in love and happily married. That she built an ice palace 50 feet long and 33 feet high that she placed prince Michael and his wife avdotya. Ivanona who fortunately survived.

I get the angry and pain but that's just going to far for me.

#3 Seeking other outlets

When artist Oskar kokoschka's Beau ended their relationship, he wrote to a dull maker and said to make him a doll which his sense of touch can take pleasure in and by all means he did. He took it to all the parties but his friends didn't raise an eye I thinking he was still heart broken.

#4 No cheating tolerance

Eleanor of Aquitaine, wife of Henry was a boss. She was unwilling to put up with any foolish around by her husband. So she snuck out to the residence of his mistress Rosa mund and poisoned her.

I have heard of many crazy things people do for love, but this is just on another level.

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