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5 Excuses You Will Hear From A Man Cheating On You

Excuses You Will Likely Hear From a Cheating Partner

It is almost a Norm to have partners cheat each others in relationships they sworn to dedicate their loyalty to.

It is either the man is the guilty one, or the lady.

In some cases, they both parties are usually guilty of the offenses.

But, we are going to looking at the likely excuses you will hear from a cheating man;

1. I have to work late night.

When a man begins to cheat on you, he will give series of excuses, which includes telling you that he has to work late night.

The truth is that while this may be true, in some cases, this might actually be a plot to cruise out with his supposed found new lover.

And when they can't come up with any tangible reason to give you, they opt for this particular excuse as it always comes handy.

2. I am going out with the guys.

This is another mighty plought used by men who are not faithful in their relationship with their spouses.

In their bid not to get caught, they tell a lot of lies and give a lot of excuses, which includes telling their spouses that they are going out with the guys.

This particular excuses has framed both the guilty and the innocent.

A lot of women will suddenly begin to doubt your faithfulness once you start giving these kind of excuses, especially when you ought to spend a great of time with them in the house.

So, dear ladies once your man becomes consistent in this particular excuse, then, something could be fishy.

3. I have a meeting to attend to in the office

Note: There are times this particular excuse is true and legit.

Other times, they are just plots by the unfaithful man to deceive his partner into believing that he has meetings to attend to while in actuality he's headed to the hotel or the abode of his other lover.

What a pity!

Dear ladies, once you start hearing this type of excuse constantly from you man, then, you could be in for a long thing.

4. I have to go on a business trip this weekend

Hear me ladies, a lot of times, these men do not go on business trips as they claimed to, they rather go visiting their other woman/ women, with whom they engage in extra affairs.

5. I am going to the gym

It is Normal for a man to visit the gym for a maximum workout.

But most of the time, these men do not visit the gym as promised, instead they maneuver to the abodes of their new lovers while keeping their original lover in the dark.

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