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Faith Oyedepo Speaks About What People Do That Ruin Relationships

Nobody likes a liar. If I was in a conversation with you, and after a couple of days I discover that all you said was a lie, why would I believe any other claim you make the next time we talk? Sadly, some people are either ignorant of this truth, or they choose to ignore it

Why would you enter a relationship with lies? Faith Oyedepo said that honesty would give rise to trust, and trust is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship. She advised everyone not to give the people they are dating a reason to doubt them.

As a man, pretending you have all the money in the world when you don't will not take you anywhere. What is more embarrassing; you telling the girl on the first date that you're not super rich and she has to decide whether or not she will stay with you, or you pretending to be rich and she finds out later that you don't have all the riches you claimed you had?

As a lady, which would be more embarrassing; you pretending you are 27 when you are actually 30, and the man finding out the truth unexpectedly, or you revealing your true age from the start, and the man having to decide whether he is going to marry you for who you are, or for the number of years on your birth certificate?

The Bible says that there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. As long as you plan to get married to the person, the truth will come out eventually, and the damage your lies would have done to the marriage will be difficult to correct, because the relationship was built on a foundation of lies.

Determine to be honest with the person you want to get married to, and if you have told any lies, call the lady or man, and apologize. Tell them that you didn't know any better then and you know the truth now. As you do this, you will notice a difference in your relationship, not just with your fiancee, but with other people around you. Be blessed.

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Faith Oyedepo


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