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If People Know Your Income, It Affects The Love They Have For You, Making It Fake- Reno

Most times, it is the people you trust and share your secrets with that cause problems in your life. When you let a jealous friend know about your next plan, he can easily ruin it for you.

Reno Omokri tweeted earlier that if people know your income, it affects the love they have for you, making it fake. So keep that information to yourself.

Mr Omokri added that if they know your marriage details, they can cause marital problems. So keep your your marital details private.

He added that if they know the move you are going to take next, they can thwart it. So it's better if you keep your next move a secret.

Someone commented that there are a few people that might be in one's life with whom sharing such secrets will be important if you share it, though he said he agrees with Mr Omokri. Mr Omokri reacted to this by muting the man.

Many others are reacting to this tweet of Mr Omokri. Below are screenshots of more reactions he got after he tweeted this.

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