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3 Things Girls Check In A Man Before Accepting Him.

Asking a lady out for the First time, is one of the hardest work for a man, before you approach a lady you have to be bold enough to walk up to her and tell her how she feels about you, and before she accepts you they are some things she will check in you before you will get an answer from her, I will be telling you those things below. 

1. Your face. 

Before you approach a lady you have to take good care of your face because most ladies are attracted to your physical look, and also they love guys who are bold enough, if you notice once you approach a lady what she will look at First is your face to know if you are bold enough, so as a man once you walk up to a lady always keep a direct stew contact with her and never end up being shy, always be bold while talking to her, and you must surely get a Yes as an answer. 

2. Height. 

Also, once you approach a lady the thing she looks at is your height, because ladies who are short will love to have a guy who is tall why ladies who are tall accept guys with any type of heights, if you notice some ladies like guy who are tall while some like short guys so always shoot your shot once you see a lady you like and most importantly be bold enough to talk to her. 

3. Dressing code. 

Before you walk up to a lady to ask her out, always make sure you always dress in stylish and have a cool dressing code remember we all normally say dress how you want to be address, the way you dress matters a lot and has a chance of making you get a fast Yes no a big No, so as a man always dress sweet and simple, so you will avoid being rejected or humiliated by her, but never go far to borrow money just to impress a lady, everyone has a class in life so go for those ladies on same class with you, and you will end up bring out the best in them. 

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