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3 Things Women Hate To Hear From Men

A relationship entails getting to know each other while gradually falling in love with your partner. Every relationship, on the other hand, has its own set of rules and boundaries.

If you've just started dating your girlfriend or have been dating for a while, there are a few things that women despise hearing you say or ask them because it could end the relationship or lead to an unnecessary argument. When you're first bonding, don't rush things; instead, take things slowly.

Women are hyper-aware of their own personalities and personal choices, which they never accept. However, you should proceed with caution before making any inquiries, especially if you are about to ask them any questions or say something that could be harmful to them.

1. Why are you so emotional

Women are often regarded as the more emotional half of a relationship. We're wired differently than our male counterparts, and we're usually more sensitive. When we show emotion, however, it is because we care. Don't be alarmed by our outbursts of ecstasy. We're crying because they're worried. Nobody on the planet has the ability to tickle us like you do. That is the definition of true love. As a result, asking this question is tantamount to insulting them, so be cautious whenever this statement enters your mind. The more you stick to the fact that women are wired to be emotional, the better.

2. How many men have you had s*xual intercourse with?

It is insulting and even irritating to the ears just to read this. If you say it out loud, how will she react? This is a total no-no. Simply put, don't inquire. It isn't a good plan. Think about it. If she chooses to respond to this question, what kind of response do you hope to hear? Is it possible that the number will be higher than you anticipated? The point is that she is now dating you, and the number of men she has dated in the past is irrelevant and should not be a source of concern for you. Asking this question will never lead to anything good, so just ignore it.

3. You are not like the other girls

It appears flattering on the surface, but it's really just another way of saying, "Hey, most girls are unpleasant to be around, but you are not one of them. That's incredible!" The vast majority of women despise shaming other women. "You're unlike anyone I've ever met before," for instance, could be a great twist.

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