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Husband and wife relationship

This is one thing you must not allow your wife do no matter what.

Good day my brothers and sisters. I know you are doing well. I have come again. This time is principally for our sisters. Maybe you are married or you are getting married soon or not close to get married, this article is worth reading.

Sometimes in our different homes peace reigns and suddenly madame gets annoyed and start provoking and you will ask but what has happened. Everything I am telling you here is verified to be true.

If you stretch your hands you will discover that your fingers are not the same.

Stealing comes from two things: covetiousness and envy. Please let no man allow his wife to go to the market with her friends. That is the sources of 90% of our problems in our homes.

I gave my wife 10k and her friend's husband gave her 50k. In the market covetiousness will be birthed, contentment will disappear, envy will dominate and madame will return home with problems. Please to avoid this, a woman should go alone to the market. I hope you will find this meaningful and helpful. May God bless you all.

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