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3 Wrong Mentalities Most Men Have That Make Them Marry The Wrong Woman

There are 3 Mentalities that hinder a lot of men from marrying the right women. Those mentalities have changed what marriage used to be, making many men susceptible and preventing them from seeing things as they are. As a young man about to marry the woman of your dreams, you must take your time and read this article in order to understand what will have a lasting impact on your marital life.

Men with these 3 Mentalities detailed below mostly end up marrying the wrong women, don't think like them.

#1. Men who dislike village girls and think that those ladies they tag "city and classy" are the best

Science, technology, fashion, and a desire for fine goods have infiltrated practically every facet of modern life, including marriage. Many men have grown accustomed to the belief that girls born and raised in the city have a higher chance of marrying than their village counterparts. They feel those ladies have everything it takes to be successful in marriage, and they also believe they are classy, well-educated, and command respect and high social position. Your mentality toward village or city girls may prevent you from marrying the right person, and you may regret your decision for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, that mindset is wrong. When it comes to marriage, there is no place where a good lady cannot be found. The record has it that those "village girls" are often better brought up than the so-called city girls. True, but that doesn't change the fact that good ladies may be found in the city as well. As a result, if you want to have a happy marriage, you should focus on a woman's character and qualities rather than where she lives. If you can resist this strange mentality and think differently, I am confident that you will make smart marital decisions.

#2. That fair ladies are better than dark ladies in terms of making a good wife

I always laugh at men who make this claim because it sounds strange and ridiculous. What would lead a man to believe that skin color has anything to do with a good woman's qualities? That is why many dark ladies have turned to skin bleaching to lighten their complexion. As far as marriage is concerned that mentality about skin color is totally weird and is not good for marriage. Many guys have lost their rightful partners because of their skin color, and the worse thing is that those men who are planning their marriage don't want to learn from their mistakes.

If you're not careful, your attitude toward women's skin color could lead to regret.

Look, while every man has his preferences, tastes, and ideal wife, don't let that be the reason you married the wrong lady. It is not bad if you choose to marry a fair lady; it is also not bad if you choose to marry a dark lady; nevertheless, whatever decision you make, make sure that the woman's character is thoroughly investigated. A woman's attractiveness and skin tone are meaningless without good character. Don't let your thinking or what others say stop you from making the best decision possible. A man's eyes for a casual relationship are not the same as those he uses to find a lady he wants to marry. Keep it in mind!

#3. The stereotypical mentality about marriage between different villages, states, tribes, or religion

Many guys have let what others say or think to influence their decisions. Those men have felt that marrying women from a specific tribe or religion is the only way to find a good wife and that they will communicate better with individuals from that tribe or religion than they will with people from other tribes or religions. Unfortunately, this has not always worked out, as some men have married inside their tribe or faith only to have their marriages fail. Many men have been cheated out of their rightful partners because of tribalistic and religious prejudices.

Pay attention.

As a married man, you must understand that a good woman can be found in any village, state, tribe, or religion. Once you've found someone that your heart accepts, give it a lot of thought, pray about it, and then marry her. Don't let what others say about religion or tribe stop you from marrying the one your heart desires. You're a guy, you know what you want; all you have to do now is open your eyes wide enough to see properly. Don't marry a woman just because you go to the same church or she comes from the same village or tribe as you. Clear your mind and make the best decision possible!

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