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Fiction:I love My Harsh Face More Than My Smiling Face Because Of What I Have Used It To Achieve

I am Sonia by name,but my friends call me double face. I looked absolutely beautiful any time I put on my smiling face but sober and mean each time I wear my harsh Face.People around me tends to misconstrue me each time I put on my harsh looking face.

The mystery about me no one knows till date is that I actually have two faces I interchanged when the need arises.Each time I need tremendous favour,I did put on my harsh Face.It was Babalawo (native Doctor) that did it for me.

I was 15 years old when both of my parents died of ghastly motor accident:I grew up living with my mother's sister.She wasn't good to me at all.I was hated,berated,and treated like stranger throughout I lived with her.I could not even finish my secondary education because there was no money to further my education.I lived in pain and grieve.

I intended to move out of her house while I was 18 years old.At 20 years,I left the house and attached myself to my friend's apartment.I became a slay queen then,looking for men and money.But each time I spend the night with men,they tend to pay me peanut.Money I realize from men was usually a paltry compared to the lifestyle I want to live.

It was as if am the only one that never comes back with good money each time we goes on a nocturnal outing.The whole scenario was like a recurring decimal.Despite how pretty and beautiful I lam,all I could realise for a night will just be two small to manage.I was so worried and complained bitterly to my friend.

One faithful day (my friend) she suddenly opened up and told me the secret behind her success and why they usually make huge money from men they date outside.I already knew she receives good money from her clients (date).

What she told me caught my attention and made me follow suit.She introduced me to Babalawo (Native Doctor) who did all the charms,sorcery,enchantments and conjured additional face for me.All this was done without her consent

Babalawo gave me precepts on how to use and apply my harsh Face.Each time I want favour or huge money,I will put on my harsh Face.But if I am home,I usually put on my normal face.

As I speak to you:I have achieved A Lot in life just by putting on my harsh Face.I have won a reality Tv show with my harsh face.I have bought a new houses and a car just my harsh Face.I have been to countries like United kingdom,USA,Canada,Dubai all because my harsh face carries favour that no man can resist.

For that reason “I love and cherish my harsh Face so much bec of what I have used It To achieve In life”.I am currently a Nigerian celebrity.

What can I do for you because I am the hottest girl in town?

Note:Picture above do not convey the actual person

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Babalawo Sonia


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