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Ten Things You Might Want to Do or Be as a Woman Even If You are Married.

Being above the age of twenty as a lady means that you are no more a child. It shows you are very ripe for marriage. There is a big need to start setting your priorities right so that people or events will not distract your focus. Here are ten things you should have at the back of your mind on your journey of womanhood which has started and will not finish until your stay in this life.

1.In a world, where so many ladies are busy slaying men with pictures, you should choose to slay principalities with scriptures.

2.In a world,where so many ladies are boasting with the thousands that are following them on Instagram, you should choose to boast with the thousands of signs and wonders that are following you.

3.In a a world where many ladies are looking for likes on Facebook, you should choose to make your face a book where the ordinances of heaven are written on. Your face will be a book that is liked by Angels and disliked by demons.

3.In a world, where many ladies are too busy making up their faces, you should choose to make up realities, other ladies might be sliming to fashion but you are fasting to function.

4.They said "runs" girls are busy locking up men in padlocks, you should be that women that will lock up her husband in prayers.

5. If Jezebel can make Elijah run, you can make demons disappear. If Herodias can get the head of John in a plate, you can get the head of principalities in a spoon. If Delilah can shave the hair of Samson on her laps, you can shave the power of darkness on your knees.

6. In a world where abortion have become normal among ladies, you should choose to be ladies that will intercourse with immortals until you concieved possibilities and you won't stop pushing until you birth realities and if ever you ladies have to abort, the only thing you will abort from your lives is "the flesh".

7. You are not joining people to fight for women rights because you are too busy shining women light, you might not be beautiful enough to appear on magazines, you might not even have the kind of shape the world like but your spirit carry enough fire to shape the lives of territories and nations.

8. I won't find you in the club, drunk with alcohol and dancing with mortals, but I pray i will find you ladies in the secret place, dancing with immortals of heaven , for you are Stars in Zion.

9. They say a woman's place is in the kitchen, don't worry you will enter the kitchen of the deep and cook up something that will feed nations, I know you ladies are tired of hearing how Eve fed Adam with the apple that brought sin to the world, you want to hear about women that fed men with spiritual fruits that brought healing to nations.

10. You are tired of men stoping you ladies to ask for numbers, they should see you ladies and be asking for impartations. Our Generation won't ask for another Kathryn or Aimee or Maria, not when you ladies are here. You might not be beautiful enough to win Miss world, but you are firefull enough to burn the world.

I hope this word of encouragement made an impact in your life as a lady or a woman. Pictures above are for the purpose of illustration. Please share this message to others so that other ladies might understand that you ladies are special. I hope your picked up something positive from this article, God bless all the women all over the world. Amen.

Content created and supplied by: Esomrita (via Opera News )


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