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5 Words Men Love To Hear From Their Woman

We’ve used to talk about the things women love and hate to hear from their guys, but what about phrases that men love to hear from their women? What do they want, what do they like? When you talk to a man, what is usually on your mind? Of course, you want him to like you and feel attracted to you. But if you’re only focused on getting him to appreciate you – you’re going to miss out on the biggest opportunity of your life. And that’s the opportunity to appreciate him!

1. "I believe in you.”

One of the biggest things that makes a guy melt is when his partner supports him and believes in him. That's like branding success onto his soul. Hearing this from the woman they love makes them feel like they can achieve and conquer just about anything in the world.

2. “I’m so lucky to have you.”

If you’re feeling lucky in love, don’t keep those thoughts to yourself. Tell your significant other exactly how you feel. Men take great pride in feeling like they’ve bettered our lives. Without the acknowledgement of his value, a man will feel useless and demoralized. Acknowledging his contribution to our overall happiness and wellbeing guarantees his continued desire to be a positive force in your life.

Top 10 Phrases Men Love To Hear

3. "You look great/handsome"

Men have insecurities, just like women. And whether he shows it or not, sometimes he’s wondering if his shirt looks better tucked in or out, or if his belly is sticking out a little too far over his belt. This is an especially good compliment if he’s been going to the gym – why do you think he’s doing all that working out?

4. You look sexy like that.”

Let’s be clear – there’s a difference between looking handsome and looking sexy. Being called handsome is like hearing, “You clean up really nice, good job.” Hearing that you think he looks sexy is like hearing, “I’m getting a little turned on just looking at you.”

Top 10 Phrases Men Love To Hear

5. “You make me laugh.”

You should swap this word with "you are funny". Every man want to entertain their lady by making them laugh. If your man really make you laugh, tell them how hilarious they are and how they crack you up and they will really appreciate it.

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