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These Things Do Not Mean They Are Happy In Their Relationship

Being in love is a special thing. It is an expression of one of our inborn emotions, as humans.

When people are in a relationship, they try to achieve happiness as much as possible. If only trying was the same as achieving.

The thing is, when people try to receive validity from other people about their relationship, especially online and even offline - there is an issue.

It's not wrong to want to receive validity (everybody likes to know what others think about them), but it becomes an issue when they're constantly flaunting their relationship in everyone's face, painting that picture of perfection that, unfortunately, doesn't exist anywhere.

So, if you see them doing these things, it doesn't matter, because it doesn't mean they're truly happy in that relationship.

1. Posting their partner / Getting posted by their partner constantly:

This is even in fact, the shallowest form of showing love to someone. People who do this are bugged by a certain level of insecurity, and they have to embolden themselves by filling their social media space with pictures and words which are mere half truths and pure lies.

If you have noticed, married people do not have much time to post their spouses. Does this mean they don't love him or her? Of course not. What it means is that, they are content to keep their relationship private, and might even be happier than the couple who are always tweeting love quotes at each other.

2. Talking constantly about their partner:

Like they say, talk is cheap. Things are easier said than done. 90% of what people say they'll do are done in their heads only, and most of what people claim they've done, did not even happen. So when next you're in a group setting of married people, just observe how the conversation goes, and what they (especially the women) say about their partners.

3. Gifts:

Especially when the gifts are expensive ones, they would immediately flaunt it. This is not a measure of love. Don't get us wrong, you can show your partner that you care by getting him or her a gift, but in some relationships, that is a kind of truce to end cold or blowing hot wars.

Whatever it is, don't feel pressured to go into a relationship, or achieve certain things in your relationship based on what you see in other people's relationships. As the saying goes, things are not always what they seem. Always be cautious of the steps you take, and in all things, seek genuine happiness.

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