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Photos Of Yorkshire Woman Who Breastfed Her 4 And 7 Years Old Daughters, Branded As Child Abuser

Woman who was Breastfeeding her 4 and 7 years old daughters has been branded child abuser.

A woman and single mother of two children has been branded as a child abuser, after she was found feeding her two girls who were 4 and 7 years old.

The lady who is known as Sophie Mei lan is 32 years of age from west Yorkshire, and according to her, a mother should be allowed to breastfeed her children to her satisfaction as well as that of the kids. She said when she feeds her kids in public, people will tell her to 'put it away' saying it is child cruelty.

Her two (2) daughters Ariana who is four (4) years and Jasmine who was seven (7) years as at then, were still being fed by their mother as if they were still babies who were less than the popular one year feeding time. As a matter of fact, according to Sophie who was seven years as at then would ask for milk before and after school, and she did not find it difficult to suckle the Milk out of her.

Sophie who looks like an activist, one who advocate for women to be allowed to breastfeed their children wherever and whenever they want, and also for how long they desire so long they are comfortable with it, has ignored every criticism thrown at her because of her actions.

She admitted feeling a bit embarrassed as the kids grew up, but that didn't stop her. She only stopped when she had a break-up last year with her husband. This caused the family to live apart, with the kids sometimes spending time with their father.

She said doing what she did, saved her alot of money and it also helped in bonding between her and her children.

She said although her kids no longer feed on her milk, but they enjoy cuddling with her from time to time. Also in addition, she felt good having her baby back in shape.

All photos are credited to Linda Ikeji Blog

Story source is credited to Linda Ikeji Blog.

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