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Husband and wife relationship

Three T's You Need To Understand In Marriage Or Relationship

Most marriages and relationships had lost most things that could make the growth of a family.

Couples always believe that everything is about doing and following what their spouse wants. But, marriage and relationships are far above that.

Here are 3 'T' you need to understand in marriage or a relationship. Kindly read to the end for a better understanding and a healthy relationship.

TALK - Talking is very essential in marriage, 

make sure you talk about anything confusing or you don't have a rigid understanding.

Keeping quiet is very good but make sure you start talking when it needed to be. Do the talking when things start to fall apart between you and your spouse, do the talking where everything seems quiet, do the apology talking when your spouse is mad at you.

Do the talking when your spouse is not around and needs someone confirmation from you and do the talking to raise your spouse up and not to pull your spouse down.

TRUST- Trust is very essential in a relationship, you must be able to gain the trust of your spouse. 

Little and flimsy cheats or doing some unbelievable things could make your spouse lose trust in you, a trust lost cannot be regained no matter what.

Try as much as possible to be clear to your spouse, your spouse cannot kill you, if you tell him or her the truth.

TENACITY- This is the ability to have the quality or fact of continuing to exist or being persistent. Marriage is a contract signed to be forever. Grip and hold unto your marriage no matter the kind of challenges, peace, grudges, kindness, love, hatred, and high circumstances you are facing in your marriage.

Be ready to absorb all positive and negative vibe of marriage. Build up your tenacity in your marriage or relationship. 

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