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Why Beating Is Not A Good Disciplinary Measure For Children

Many parents beat their children recklessly, using all forms of materials - belts, whips, shoes, as a way of supposedly correcting the children. 

This is wrong. Right from time, beating was only introduced during the slave trade era, and it was used basically on thieves and slaves, so it is not even an African tradition to start with. When a child misbehaves, there are many ways of correcting the child other than beating them like slaves or whipping them like thieves. 

When you beat a child unnecessarily, below are the following that might happen :

1. The child becomes more stubborn and hardened

Beating a child doesn't demonstrate loving discipline, the messaged passed to the child is that you deserve to be whipped because you did this. That makes them hardened, and set to continue in their ways. 

2. They become used to beating/whipping 

It is a bad thing for a child to become used to whipping at any time of their lives. When they become used to it, such discipline no longer holds water. It now becomes a way of oppressing the child, which shouldn't be. 

3. It affects the child's self-esteem

When a child is always beaten, they begin to think low of themselves, they begin to stop seeing anything good about themselves, and this affects even other areas of their lives, even how they relate with people. 

What disciplinary measures are available apart from beating ? 

- Talk to/with the child

When doing this, be patient and calm. Point out what they did wrong, and why you'd not touch them next time if they do right. Tell them about your displeasure, and let them also talk with you. 

- Deny them privileges

Take away their gadgets, do not give them gifts for sometime. Take away some of the privileges they used to enjoy. That would make them miss those privileges and know well not to misbehave again. 

- Naughty corner (strictly for younger children)

They can kneel down at a particular place, or stay in a corner without Mom, Dad or their sibling. 

This is not an exhaustive list. There are other disciplinary measures that you can adapt according to the child's age.

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