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3 Subtle Ways On How To Escape 'Friend Zone'

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If you think breakup is the only thing that hurts, them you need to think twice. Have you ever been 'friend zoned' by someone you truly love?

What is Friend Zone?

In the society today, friend zone is a conceptual place describing a situation in which one person in a mutual friendship wishes to enter into a romantic or sexual relationship with the other person, while the other does not.

Being friend zone by someone can get really hard, especially if they rant about their love life in front of you, completely oblivious to your feelings. That said, we bring to you some great tips to help you escape this dreadful zone and help your crush fall in love with you.

1. You should not be desperate for their time and attention. If you feel that they are not ready to sacrifice their attention and time for you, it is best for you to walk away or appear completely uninterested, if required. Being desperate will not make them notice you, instead it will make them stay away from you, or better still, take you for granted.

2. Prioritise yourself. Ultimately, prioritizing yourself means you are giving yourself time and attention to focus on your needs, desires, goals, and wants. It also means you offer yourself the same compassion and understanding that you do to other people. When you prioritise yourself, you are gradually escaping the friend zone. Even though it might hurt you, creating some space will give your friend a chance to miss you and realise your value.

3. Ask them to do things for you. When you consistently ask them to do things for you, they are indirectly investing their time and energy in you. The more they invest in you, the more they will take you serious. Do not just focus on what they need as it is time to ask them for what you need.

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