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Wedding dress

4 Tips to Conceal Your Tummy on Your Big Day

Every bride wants to appear beautiful and perfect on her wedding day. And in fact, it should be taboo for anyone to look more beautiful than the bride. Some brides go as far as working out and eating less to be in shape for their big day. However, a bulging tummy can be a clog in the wheel of any bride's progress. If you are about to pick your wedding dress and how to hide your tummy is your biggest worry, the tips in this article can help you make the right choice.

Choose the right undergarment

Elastic shapewear is one accessory every bride should get. It helps you spread your belly fat across your waist without emphasis on one area. There are comfortable belly bands to conceal your little ones for a pregnant bride, especially at the early stage of pregnancy.

Choose your wedding dress

It can be tempting to choose some wedding dresses over another, but not all dresses are suitable for someone who wants to hide her belly. Stay away from tight wedding dresses and mermaid gowns. Instead, go for an - shape, flowy, flare gown that can hide your belly and make you look beautiful.

Wear a corset

We have seen how a corset helps English women in movies accentuate their waist. This can be yours too, only if you wear the perfect size. Many complain about how a corset chokes them because it is not their size. Don't just buy; ensure you create time to try everything out until you are comfortable with one.

Avoid stretchy fabrics

Even when they are loose, stretchy fabrics can place unnecessary attention on your tummy. You should choose cotton or other fabric that are free and comfortable.

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