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10 Effects Of Masturbation, And How Can It Be Avoided.

Most youth nowadays like to masturbate,they watch all set of videos that can not add good impact to your life instead bringing your self esteem too low. Some of the effect of masturbation and steps on how it be avoided are:

1. It Will Affect Your Social Skills:

You will be affected by watching this film you won't be able to think very well because its has derail your thinking abilities and its can make you feel unaccepted in society and even among your peers.

2. It Could Lead To Cancer Among Men:

Men could have cancer due to frequent masturbation in which the risk to prostrate increases. "Frequent Masturbation" means two to seven times.

3. You Will Not Relate To Your Opposite Gender:

Some people who are addicted finds it difficult to relate to their opposite gender,when it comes in relating with your opposite gender,they lose interest and become more awkward,because they are addicted to those movie.

4. It Can Promote Adultery:

It can also promote adultery,by making love to a girl who is not yet married to you is one of the ways it promote adultery.

5. It's Cause A Lot Of Focus In Life:

Someone addicted to this masturbation of a thing,don't focus very well in life. He always think negative thoughts which could diverse your mind to it.

6. Masturbation Makes You Violent:

If you masturbate you will be violent with people anything that seems small you will turn it to conflict.

7. it Can Drain Your Energy:

According to my research most boys often masturbate,which affect their daily life. It causes a lot of harm to your body.

Masturbation also drain any person addicted to it,the person will just feel tired In fact the person will be so sluggish.

8. It could lead to depression:

It could lead to depression also,so my fellow teenagers and youth boys don't involved yourself in this mess so that you will not kill yourself on something that you can easily solve.

9. It's Makes One feel Guilt:

Masturbating can also make you feel guilt so don't try it at all.

10. It's Is Sinful In The Sight Of God:

It is sinful in the sight of God. So you should keep anything that could make God angry at you,and also I can say that marriage is the best time you can do it and get tired so just have patience.

Some ways you can avoid this masturbation:

1. Watching OF Educative Videos:

Watch educative videos to help you think very well don't watch it again ask God for forgiveness and sin no more.

2. Find Any Work :

Find work to do,don't be alone because that what makes most boys masturbate,due to been alone and started thinking before he finally remove his semen.

3. Prayers:

Always pray to God there is nothing he cannot do,he will help you in everything you do where ever you go and deliver you from any obstacles that want to disturb you,and also learn how to pray always its also pays.

Hope have inspired your life now?. Please follow me like,share,am here for your own benefits.

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