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10 easiest way on how to make your girlfriend feel loved

A girl needs to know she's loved and appreciated everyday. Never let a day go by that you don't do or say something that will let her know how much you love her. Probably one of the questions that haunt her mind always.

Let look into this easiest way to make her feel important and happy anytime she remember that she's in love with you....

1. Compliment her: A compliment that comes from you to her make her happy and special to her than the one from a stranger.

2. Free your time just to be with her: Let her know that she's your priority reminds her no how much love and care you get for her.

3. Leave her a note with sweet messages: Show her how much you care and love her by sending her lovely notes like " You are looking beautiful today" or " Your smile brighten up my day".

4. Suprise her with different gift: Girls love surprises but they aren't always looking for huge and expensive gifts. Instead, they long for little acts of kindness in a simple suprise that can make them feel happy.

5. Express your sincere gratitude to her always: Let her know how much you appreciate her around you, and how you appreciate everything she does for you, is the same as expression how much you love her.

Always tell her " Thank you" either by telling her personally or showing it to her.

6. Encourage and support her: One of the easiest ways to be supportive is to be encouraging her. Always let her know that you always think she can do something, and encourage her to Perdue things that can make her happy.

7. Be faithful to her all the time: Avoiding temptations and strengthening your relationship will help you make your girl feel loved. Keep your eyes only with her and be busy looking for new ways to love your own girl.

8. Tell and show her how much you care for her: A simple "I love you" can make her feel happy but the act of demonstrating love is another way to make her feel loved. Pamper her with food, run some errands for her, buy her favorite books and don't forget to hold her hands or hugging her all the time.

9. Respect her in everything: Respect isn't all about opening doors, pulling out chair, or carrying things for her. Be that guy who's willing to listen to her opinions, give her your honesty, a d respect her decision despite of your different perspectives.

10. Truly listen to her feelings: When you can listen to your girlfriend's feelings, you make her feel safe to express herself because the more she is able to do it, the more she feels heard...

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