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Why you need to let go of your ex.

Why you need to let go of your ex.

One difficult truth to accept, is to let go of that person who your heart truly beats for. It can be so difficult, to let them go even when you know they ain't the right person for you. You are still forced into believing, that they may be a little glimpse of hope that could still bring him or her back. In most cases, your heart is tied to that special someone and you feel like you can't exchange this deep love with others. You might have loved your ex like never before. You might have given her the best you thought you could ever give a girl. Those lovely moments keep taking forever to erase from your memories and you feel like you're never going to find a better person. I understand that pain and how heartbreaking it feels. 

Letting go of your ex after a break up can be one of the most frustrating and tearful moments, that one wouldn't wish to imagine. You're caught up fantasizing about why the relationship didn't work out fine. Questions like " If I had done it this way, he wouldn't have left" and so what not. Questioning yourself over a failed relationship is like crying over spilt milk.

The past is gone and should be forgotten. It's time to accept that what is gone, is gone and what's coming is better than what's gone.

It's stupidity to accept loving a person who treats you like you ain't worth it. A person who gives you so much pains. A person who makes you wet your bedsheets all night with tears. You may have tried so many times to get this relationship to work out fine. You need to understand that you deserve to be in a loving relationship with someone who values and treats you well.

Nothing can stop you from achieving a happy life other than holding on to a broken relationship. It's painful to understand that a relationship which once brought you smiles and butterflies had gone all bad and sour. It hurts the most to see that pain prevent you from being who you're.

Below are few tips to move on from a toxic relationship.

1. It's time to love yourself– Learn to forgive and make peace with yourself for whatever happened in the past. Most people spend their lives crying, breaking things, regretting, cursing and questioning themselves, for having met such weird people who has caused them so much pains, but you should understand that most people do not do things with the intentions to hurt another but their choices and decisions makes it look like they're the bad guys. Yeah, you can't expect someone else to treat you better than you treat yourself. You cannot keep wishing your relationship had turned out different. There is no sense in blaming yourself over negative emotions. Instead choose to understand that, if everything was perfect. You will never learn and you will never grow. Accept whatever went wrong as part of the learning process. 

You need to love yourself and until you love yourself, you won't tolerate being treated less than expected. It's your love for yourself, that will keep you strong and bouncing fine, whenever you feel the need to go back to your ex.

2. Cry your eyes out– You know you're not ready to let go but you have to. We all deserve to be in relationships that feel good on us. You may feel the need to burst open your emotions, just pour it all out. It will do you a little healing. Don't try to bottle up your feelings, by pretending to be strong. A goodbye message to someone you love is heartbreaking, so just cry. Cry and cry until you feel it's enough. Remember that the right one won't leave you alone.

3. Cut off all contacts– Every second, those old beautiful memories keep flooding back. You're caught in between longing for the good times. Here's the plan truth, you need to cut off all contact with your ex.

Many people believe keeping your ex in the friend zone is a sign of maturity. Being friends with your ex isn't really necessary because it may not always be a true friendship. What matters most, is you being friends with yourself. Politely, let your ex know that you will be needing some space for the time being.

4. Believe you will find a better partner– Yes,it doesn't matter how many times, you have been hurt by this person. You can still find love again, you just have to stop clinging to the past, so that your new love can come in. Imagine your new partner before they arrive. It becomes more easier to forget about your old relationship and it's memories, when you have something better to aspire for. You might have shared an unconditional love for that person that makes it difficult to forget about the past bond. When the right one comes in, you won't have to beg for the relationship to work.

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