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For Couples: 3 Advantages Of Making Love In The Morning

In a supportive relationship, there are many benefits of being intimate with your partner. Lovemaking is one of the commonest forms of physical intimacy for couples. This extremely intimate act not only gives you and your partner intense pleasure but also help you in strengthening the relationship bond.

For any relationship to be successful, it's important that the people involved are emotionally on the same page and regular lovemaking is a great way to build that emotional intimacy. Lovemaking has no specific time because couples can have it anytime they wish. It all depends on personal preferences. However, some periods of the day are more comfortable than others. One of the best moments couples can be intimate with each other is after waking up from sleep in the morning. Here are 3 advantages of making love in the morning;

1. Better sleep at night

Couples that usually make love in the night will have to sacrifice some part of their sleep for that purpose. This may deprive them of some hours of sleep at night. However, those who usually make love in the morning will have a better sleep because they will sleep fully at night.

2. It is less stressful

The usual ending of the day involves some whining and worries about what happened during the day. Most people feel stressed at the end of the day because of the work they did in the afternoon. This will make it a little bit stressful to have intimacy with their partners. However, in the morning, they are already comfortable, warm, and conveniently right there next to each other in bed. This will make lovemaking easier for them than at other times.

3. It acts as a morning workout for couples

Making love in the morning often works as a great morning workout of moderate-intensity because it helps the couples in burning their calories and starting the day with a dose of positive energetic hormones that are released during the act. It also contributes to stretching and relaxing the body's skeletal muscles.

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