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Between marriage and degree, which one is a woman's greatest achievement.

Between marriage and degree, which one is a woman's greatest achievement.

Thanks for reading our previous post we really appreciate it, our topic for today is marriage and degree based on the fact that which one does a woman needs to be more respected and responsible in the society.

A man posted on his Facebook page that, the most important achievement a woman needs in her life is marriage, he was blasted for making that statement on social media, lots of women began praying in the comment section, that they pray they won't find a husband, brother or son-in law like him.

This man has been identified has Essien Christopher, I know many people will not be in support of what he posted, but everyone is free express his or her opinion.

See what he posted and the reactions he got from the statement he made.

However, you will agree with me that both marriage and degree is very important in a woman's life for her to be successful, none should be left behind, a woman's life is a very delicate one if she isn't educated the society will ask her why she wasn't educated, if she fail to get married on time she will still be blamed for it, I don't think women needs to be told what to do first, I'll advise all ladies to make sure they invest and work hard in their career so they won't become a liability to other men.

Nevertheless, marriage is important, the pride of a woman at the end of the day is knowing that after her being successful she later got married, every lady wishes to get married no matter how successfull they her. But we live in a world of equity where both male and female should be treated as equals.

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