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Guys: Women Do These 7 Things And You Don't Get To Know About it.

If you are a woman and you are reading this, then you will be familiar with my number three, best feeling ever.

Women usually do some weird stuff when they are bored and unaccompanied and funny enough males don't have any idea about this. It is less common in males than in females. Women normally conserve it secretly,

Which is the reason they don't want to be seen while doing them.

1. Women always speaking and laughing with no one while starring at the mirror.

Most women are used to it. When women are with no one and they are pretty sure no eye is on them, they will walk to the mirror and begin to speak and also make poses and chuckle as well.

Some of them will just imagine the mirror to be their partner (boyfriend) and they start a conversation with him. Most women also act movies while in front of the mirror.

2. Stalking their ex-boyfriend(s) most on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc.

This one is really common, when a lady has nothing doing at the moment, she will start to stalk her ex-boyfriend(s) on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc and most of them still has another partner. But they will do that to check how these people are doing without them in their lives anymore.

3. Shedding tears even when everything is fine.

Women are extremely passionate and spice up they game of emotion, they cry without any reason.

They even go to the extent of doing this in front of the mirror to know whether they look beautiful in tears, so that when they are with they partner (boyfriend), they can shed tears knowing they are pretty.

4. Twerking In front of the mirror.

Women are fond of this, whenever they are bored, they will walk straight to the mirror and start displaying variety of dance steps or twerk. Women actually learn a lot of dance step when one is watching them, which is not common in males.

5. Viewing sentimental movies.

It is difficult for a woman to be lonely, so when they find themselves alone, they tend to see movies with romance like some American or Zee world movies.

6. Reshaping their figure in the just to attempt to look skinny.

Women most times, when they have nothing doing, they go to the mirror so as to contort their body in most absurd ways so as to look pretty in that hourglass shape.

7. Grabbing their chest on racing downstairs.

Anytime a women is racing downstairs and no one is close to them or can see them, they will grab their chest so that it will be more convenient for them. Now, when they have company she would prefer to walk and will not graphics it. Some say holding it, prevents it from ringing bell.

The ones I just listed are the trending one for now, you also can tell us about the ones you know if you wish to, by sharing it with us on the comment space.

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