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The Day I Found Out That My Son Was Not Mine, I Almost Did This To My Wife [Fiction]

Many parents will agree with me that it is not easy to train a child in a country like Nigeria, especially if you are the type that work day and night to put food on the table and also settle some bills.

Now, some women always keep certain secrets from their husbands. Most of these secrets are something that may not matter if they reveal it at the right time.

Do you know how hard it is to raise a child? Then, you will know how bad it feels to find out that the child which you have loved for many years is not actually yours. You might claim the child is yours but his blood can never be like your own.

Well, I am currently married to a beautiful wife, we have a son who is 5 years old. He is very intelligent and hardworking but, many of my friends have complained to me that he does not resemble me. So I decided to go for a DNA test to prove them wrong.

Let me start like this, I decided to take my son to the hospital for treatment after telling my wife that he was not feeling well. As soon as we got to the hospital I told the doctor to confirm if he was actually my son.

After 7 days, the results were sent to me and I couldn't believe what I just saw, I was speechless for a while but, I later called my doctor to confirm if the results were mine. In the results it was boldly written that my DNA was not the same with my son.

I was very angry that day so I went home earlier than usual, my wife didn't know that I had already found out her secret. She was very calm as expected until I gave her the results.

After she saw the result, she started begging me for forgiveness, and it made me very angry to the extent that, I wanted to hit her with all the muscle in my hand.

But I just left the house and moved to my friend's house so I could calm down and think straight.

When I my friend that I almost hit her because of what she did, he told me that I did the best thing by leaving the house.

Situations like this are very confusing, what do you think is the best solution for this situation?

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