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Husband Material or Madness: This Man's Photos Got People Talking on Facebook (See Reactions)

Husband Material: This Man's Pictures Got People Talking on Facebook (See Reactions)

Most times I wonder how the world was without internet, social media, and smart phones. I can barely stay away from social media in a day, a day without data in my phone makes me feel am missing a lot of fun.

This evening I came across these photos of this young man carrying a baby at his back just like mothers do while hunting in the bush, this pictures got people talking on Facebook. Many laughed over they Pictures, some took it personal, tell the man to go and hustle rather than carrying a baby while hunting.

Me I have to carefully watch the pictures because it was beautiful and was trying to teach men that they can also do what women can do.

Below are the pictures:

Though the pictures was taken to entertain people, but many never understood the message the pictures was passing. For me made me know that a husband can still take care of the kids when the wife is not around.

Below are the screenshots of people's reactions to the photos.

Now what do you think about the pictures.

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