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If Your Parents Is Above 40 Years, Don't Tell Them These Things

1. If you are married, don't tell your parents that you have issues with your spouse. Those above 40 years are liable to high blood pressure. Avoid telling them such things because they will start thinking and their blood pressure will rise. Note: Blood pressure kills silently.

2. If you and your siblings are staying far away from your parents, avoid calling your parents to tell them any sad news, they could even faint on hearing the news. Try to see if you can handle the situation yourself without letting your parent's know.

3. Don't ever tell your parents words that will make them feel bad. They are the people who brought you to this world. Ensure you give them the maximum respect they deserve always.

4. Never tell your parents that you we're not able to do what they sent you. Parents feel bad when their children don't do what they sent them. Try not to make your parent feel bad.

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