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Take a Look At Three Existing Classes of Friends. You Hardly Get Anyone From Class C as a Friend.

Take a Look At Three Existing Classes of Friends. You Hardly Get Anyone From Class C as a Friend.

In life, the type of company you keep goes a long way in determining how far you're going to move in the ladder of life. Take it or leave it, you can never fly like an eagle if you keep scratching the soil with the fowls i.e the type of people you keep as friends determine the type of opportunity life is going to present to you and how you're going to handle them. 

Let me tell you a bloody truth, if you keep the company of five millionaires, you will become the sixth and vise versa. The type of people we move around with has a way of dictating what goes on in our minds, the type of decision we make in life and how we react to circumstances in our immediate environment. However, this write up is set to explain the three existing class of friends and what we stand to gain from being in relationship with them. To make my point very lucid, I will relate my facts to the part of a plant (I mean a tree).

The three classes are;

1. The Leaf-like friends (Class A): We all know how beautiful a plant is when its leaves are so green during a wet season. However, during a dry season when the plant do not get enough water from the soil. The leaf becomes dry and wither off from the plant. Some friends are exactly like this, they are like the leaves of a plant, you only see them around you when things are smooth with you but once little challenges pops up, they are out of your life i.e they're only there to enjoy pleasures with you, they won't be there any longer when a life-sniffing challenges comes pops up in your life.

2. The branch-like type (Class B): A branch of a plant won't break up just because the dry season is around. They can withstand the dry season but they can't withstand heavy storms. Similarly, this class of friends won't leave you because of small challenges but once the challenges are getting tougher, they will be out of your life. Get it clearer please! Initially, these set of people enjoy the pleasure with you but once the pleasure is no more there, they stay with you for a while but will eventually leave you once the challenges becomes a burden to them.

3. The root-like friends(Class C): You hardly get one of this class of friends in a lifetime. We all know that water gets to the plant through the root and the root of a plant will not die until the plant itself is dead. This class of friends are very scarce. They are the type that brings the pleasure that the other two classes have been enjoying in the first place. You hardly see them walking up and down with you but they are the basis of every good things that happens in your life. This category of friends would never leave you for any reason whatsoever but unfortunately, you hardly get more than one person from this class in a lifetime. However, If you are fortunate to get one, please learn how to adore them. They are the best and your only true friend.

Finally, no matter the care and love you give to someone that is meant to occupy the position of 'a leaf' in your life, they won't become 'a branch' and no matter how much you invested on someone that is meant to take the role of a branch, they won't be able to function like the root even if they pretended to do so. Your responsibility as a human is to learn how to value them differently and how not to misplace the role they are configured to occupy in your life to avoid disappointments. Also, from your own end, if you can't take the position of a root in people's life, please, don't occupy the role of a leaf. Be sincere to everyone you keep as friends and be ready to assist them in the best way you can. 

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Writer: Akano Ayuba Damilola

Opera News Hub

Content created and supplied by: AkanoAyubaD (via Opera News )



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