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These 20 words of advice will enlighten you

It will be nice, if you agree with me that, nursing a pregnancy, is not as hard as bringing up a child. Likewise,

The celebration of a new born child, does not last forever.

It is good for us to know some words of advice, given to us by our forefathers, to enable the journey of life smooth for us.

These words of advice is like a piece of information, or direction we apply in our everyday journey in life.

Go through these elderly advice and be enlightened.

(1). It is good to hold a true friend with both hands.

(2). One house, can never be divided.

(3). Patience put a crown on one's head.

(4). Do good, it has a reward.

(5). Greatness can not be achieved, through violence.

(6). Too much fear, creates slavery.

(7). If those with horns can not manage, what about those without them.

(8). A shepherd does not strike his sheep.

(9). The habit of thinking, is the habit of gaining strength.

(10). A generous chief will make you thankful.

(11). Two lions can not rule in one valley.

(12). He who is grown up should respect and love others.

(13). When a blind man is happy, he gives money to his child to buy kerosene for his lamp.

(14). There is no medicine against old age.

(15). An army of sheep led by lion, can defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.

(16). A word in the heart does not win.

(17). We are what our thinking makes us.

(18). Only a mother will carry a child that bites.

(19). By crawling, a child learn to stand.

(20). And lastly, its better to be loved, than be feared.

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