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4 Concealed Signs A Lady Loves You But Is Too Shy To Tell You

Do you have a girl crush and want to know if she likes you as well? It's difficult to read a woman's emotions since they tend to retain a veil of mystery about themselves. It's even more difficult for shy girls because they're afraid of being rejected if they express their thoughts.

Here are 4 hidden sign that girls show when they are secretly in love with you;


When she notices your presence, she becomes quite shy.

It is something that most women who are in love do. They may lose their courage to face you if they see you, and this is usually due to their affection for you.


When a young lady is secretly in love with you, she will always want to talk to you about relationship issues and topics. When a lady is in love with you but is too shy to tell you in person, she will try to tell you in a non-threatening manner. She may make comparisons between you and the type of man she will fall in love with. She'll make sure you understand what she's saying.


She follows you on social media. When a young lady is secretly in love with you, she is usually too shy to walk up to you and profess her feelings in person, so she will follow you on social media instead. She'll be the first to like and comment on your postings. If you notice a young lady acting in this manner as a male, you can be certain that she is secretly in love with you.


She'll want to be close to you. You'll notice her attempting to be close you on occasion. When a girl falls in love with you, she will always want to be close to the man she adores. This could explain why she comes to see you so often.

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