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3 Kind Of People You Should Not Allow To Know Where You Live After Getting Married

Marriage is all encompassing - it can be successful, if you want it to be so for you, and it can also fail if you so desire. The difference between successful marriages and failed ones lie on the ACTIONS and INACTIONS of the couples. Before any marriage can be successful, both parties must be intentional about the kind of decisions they make and the actions they take.

It is true that there is no hard and fast rule to how people should manage their marriages to achieve success. However, in spite of that, there are some sure principles to observe for a desired result.

Every married person should know that, marriage and dating relationship cannot be managed using same formulas because the expectations and responsibilities differ.

Inasmuch it is good to have people around you irrespective of your relationship status, after marriage, one should choose who they they should be close to and who they should not. It is not such a bad idea to host and welcome people into your matrimonial home but think it through before allowing the following set of people to know where you live;

1. Your ex.

Even though it is not all, there are some exes who may not want to see you happy in your marriage due to some reasons best known to them. Allowing such ex to know your matrimonial home can give them easy access to carry out whatever unpleasant actions they may have in mind just go hurt you. In order not to take chances, just keep the information of your place of residence from your ex.

2. Those who are interested in you for a relationship.

Do you know that there are some people who would make attempt to have a relationship with you even when they know you are already married?. Such people can be desperate to make sure that they keep you in their lives. Those kind of people can do the unimaginable just to have you. Imagine them coming to give you unexpected visit in your matrimonial home. What if they try to blackmail you before your wife or husband? Your spouse may believe them because of the fact that they know where you live. Prevention is always better than cure.

3. Your untrusted friends.

You need to realize that, it is not everyone in the circle of your life who is happy that you are married and having a blissful marriage. Such friends can derive pleasure in seeing you hurt in your marriage. Don't keep friends whom you do not trust too close to you, to the extent of them knowing your matrimonial home. It is risky. Let your friendship end in communication without them knowing where you live.

Adhering to the above information can save you from the stress of having insurmountable challenge in your marriage.

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