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These pictures will make you understand women

Women are unique creations of God. They are uniquely created in such a way no one could understand them , not even they themselves. The best thing is to just love them.

At times a woman would come to you in a manner that would suggest something to you but in actual sense she may mean nothing.

Women could go a long distance looking and thinking of what to eat only to return home without buying anything. A woman could stare at the mirror and begin to cry but when you ask her what is wrong she would say nothing and if you leave she would start nagging that you have abandoned her. Women are just unique and everyone must and should know that.

Trying to understand a woman is just a total waste of your time. Just love them. The pictures below best explain how women act and does things. I hope you will enjoy them as some would definately make you laugh. Do not forget to follow me for more updates. Like, share and comment on the post.

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