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5 Benefits Of Praying Together With Your Spouse

Married couples need to pray together and praying together with your spouse has a lot of positive effects on marriage relationships.

Here are the 5 benefits of praying together with your spouse.

1. It strengthens the bond of the marriage.

If you always pray with your spouse, it will help to reinforce the connection between you and your partner. When you are having difficulties in your marriage, praying together is the easiest way to fight for your marriage. For you to strengthen the bond of your marriage, you have to pray together with your spouse.

2. Praying together strengthens your love for each other.

When you pray together with your spouse, it provides insight on how to help and love one another better. Praying with your partner will give you a chance to listen, and share what is going on in the relationship. If you pray for your partner, you will grow in love with her.

3. Praying with your spouse invites God into your relationship.

God should be at the center of your marriage because he gives direction and wisdom that couples long for in their relationships. When you pray together with your spouse, you are inviting God into your marriage.

4. It encourages forgiveness.

Praying together helps couples that are having issues to resolve conflicts easier, and be happy with one another. When you both decide to pray and come closer to God, it softened your heart and feelings.

5. Lastly, praying with your spouse encourages unity.

When you pray with your spouse, it provides spiritual unity through God and brings both of you together. Holding each other hands is a physical portrayal of unity.


Choose the time that works for you and your spouse. You have to be encouraging and appreciative. Remember to read scripture as part of your prayer.

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