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Six Ways To Make True Love Last Long

We all should understand the importance of true love in a relationship and marriage. If the importance of true love is understood, then we will find reasons to safeguard it. We should understand that without true love, a relationship or marriage may be unhealthy. Also, it is important to know that true love may be lost. That is to say that if it is not taken care of, it may not last long. That brings us to ways to make true love last long. These ways can be found below.

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1. Be more affectionate.

Love goes well with affection. To be more living is to be more affectionate. This is telling you to find more ways, no matter how small, to make contact with your lover as often as possible. You should target to always attract your lover by being more affectionate.

A romantic love without affection is not a true love. True love exists because there is genuine affection. The more you backslide on your affection showing, the faster your love fades, no matter how true it was. That is to say that you have to put affection in the center of your love. See it as if your love life depends on it.

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2. Don't be too unavailable.

It has been said that too much closeness can make a relationship boring. But if you are too scarce to your lover, you may likely lose your love for each other, and of course, your relationship will be negatively affected.

Make yourself available as possible as you can. Come close to your lover. Affection is not felt when you are both far away from each other. You need to make time to be with your lover, no matter how busy you may be.

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3. Always make eye contact with your lover or partner.

This may appear as a normal thing, but it is very important in sustaining true love. When you first met, it is possible that you both looked at each other's eye balls to know if you truly love yourselves. You saw how both of you were into each other at that time, so you concluded that the love you have for each other is true. What about now? Do you still see that love? Do you still feel the same way? To answer this question, you have to make eye contact with your lover.

Few months or years after lovers met each other, they tend to forget the value of eye contact. Making eye contact with your lover makes you to understand if your lover still have the same love for you as when you first met. It will help you to know when they are saying the truth, or lying about something. It will also make you understand if they are happy or angry. It will make you to understand the mood your lover is in and what to do at that point.

Nurture the habit of making eye contact with your lover. It will go a long way in preserving your true love.

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4. Try both something old and something new.

Trying something old will bring back old memories which is good for ensuring the stability of your love, and of course, your relationship.

Trying something new will give you and your lover a new feeling, which is necessary to keep your relationship going.

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5. Don't exert excessive force and control on your lover.

Superiority or seniority kills relationship. Relationship should be selfless. The rights of lovers in a relationship should be equal. No one should be above the other. Superiority and seniority brings about excessive control. This is unhealthy for a relationship like yours. It can turn your true love to hatred.

Don't strive to be superior to your lover. You and your lover should be on the same level. If you climb above them, give them a hand to climb up to your level. This will bring about trust, respect and sincerity, thereby making your love last longer.

6. Take care of your critical inner voice.

Sometimes, we feel too proud of ourselves. Being too proud of yourself can ruin your relationship by reducing the level of love you have for your lover. Sometimes, this is done unconsciously.

You need to always listen to your inner self. When those negative thoughts about your lover begin to accumulate, get rid of them to preserve your love for each other.

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