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5 Reasons Why A Lady May Say "NO" To You

There are guys who are scared of approaching a lady they like because of the fear of rejection. This is a justified fear because there are certain categories of people that most people reject to move with.

Now, she might be your type but you are definitely not someone she'd go out with. Then you're wondering why she would not date you. There are several attributes that ladies find in men that make them not to want to be with these men. Some of these attributes are not completely bad in their own self but people take things differently and so, most ladies don't want these attributes in their man.

Some of these attributes are discussed below.

1. Fashion Sense

It is no longer a secret that ladies love guys that dress well. When you approach a lady, this is the first thing she checks on you. She looks at what you're wearing, how you're wearing it and how good you look. If you fail on this, she definitely will reject you.

So if you do not want to get rejected, look good. Of course people like different things but then there's a way to dress and look good regardless of what anybody thinks.

2. Manners

Funny how ladies look at your manners when you approach them. They check out how you walked up to them, the way you talk, the things you say, your composure and your mannerism. If they are not convinced about your composure, then they will definitely not give you a yes.

3. Love/ Attraction

When a woman feels nothing for you, she will always turn you down. You don't necessarily have to do anything wrong for her not to be in love with you. Love happens naturally and if she isn't in love with you, she will reject you.

4. You smell bad

Also, a lady might reject you if you smell bad. No one is attracted to someone that smells really bad. Ladies get turned on by a really good scent. Get yourself a nice, alluring, signature smell that will attract any lady to you.

5. You talk too much

When a guy talks too much, ladies lose interest in them. The less you talk the less you get a lady's attention. Listen to her instead of talking about yourself all the way. A guy that talks too much might experience rejection often.

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